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Light Vein Cut Travertine
Filled Honed
Surface: Straight
Packet: 38 m2 / Crate
Delivery Time: 25 days

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Travertine can be produce as vein cut, how is taking a consideration the waterways. The Vein cut travertine is usually produced as unfilled but polished or honed.

The biggest interest for this vein cut is for 30x60 cm or similar rectangle tiles. This Vein cut is very popular product after 2010 years on the markets.

When you compare the prices between Vein Cut and Cross Cut travertine, The price of the Vein cut is more expensive all time. There are only a few quarries are extracting material suitable for Vein Cut.

Light Vein Cut is the lightest vein Cut at markets.
Beige Vein cut is Classic Denizli travertine and the most insterest is for this stone.
If you love darker Stones, or your Project is suitable for darker Stones, We suggest Noce vein Cut tarvertine.

If you would like to have a different vein cut tarvertine, we suggest Silver Vein Cut travertine.

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